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Qode Media is a Toronto based company providing advanced Search and Social Media Optimization in Canada & USA. Our team of SEO professionals guarantee ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Starts $249! Call 416-208-0157 for FREE WEBSITE analysis.

MONTH 1: Optimization Setup & Tools
- Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Google+ Publisher
– Meta Tags & Content Optimization
– XML Sitemap, Robots.txt Validation
– Google Places & Maps Setup
– Bing (MSN) Yahoo Listings & YELP
Competitor Research
- Competitors’ Website Keywords and Link Analysis
– Location Targeting
- Keyword Research Report & Selection
– Keywords & Keyphrases Optimized
50 25 12 4
MONTH 2: Ethical Link Building
- Search Engine (Google, Yahoo & Bing) Submissions YES YES YES YES
- Local Directory and High PR Directory Submissions 30 10 5 3
- High Page Rank Authority Backlinks 40 20 10 5
- Off-site Blog & Forum Posts & Social Bookmarking 10 4 2 1
Social Media and Article Writing
- SEO Content Articles Written 5 per month 2 per month 1 per month 1
- Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter Business Page Design YES YES YES
- Video Production & Syndicated Distribution YES
- Press Release Writing & Distribution YES $100 per release
Pay Per Click Campaign Management
- Google Adwords & Display Ad Network YES YES $100
- Interactive Banner Ads Designs YES YES
- Bing, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter YES YES
- Outbound Email Marketing Camaigns (Up to 250 addresses) YES
- Newsletter Design and Emailing YES
MONTH 3: User Experience & Conversion Analytics
- Call to Action Landing Pages & Conversion Forms 1 per month 1
- Stock Photos and Graphic Design Up to 5 per Month 1 per month
- Conversion Tracking – Phone Calls & Form Submissions YES
- Mobile Website YES YES
- Website Management, Malware Monitoring and Protection YES YES
- SSL Certificate, Loading Speed & A/B Testing YES
Ranking and SEO Results
- Adwords Performance & Demographic Analysis YES YES
- Keyword Rank & Traffic Reporting YES YES YES YES
One-time Setup Fee:
(No setup fee with 6 month term)
$495.00 $395.00 $195.00 $150.00
(No Minimum Term)
$945.00 $495.00 $395.00 $295.00
Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now

What Exactly Are You Paying For?

Here is a Breakdown of your First 3 Months With Us!

Month 1 Planning & Research

month1 Competition research and analysis can improve your chances of having a successful online campaign. In order to implement a successful campaign and improve search engine ranking you need to have a thorough understanding of your targeted online market whether they are in real estate, travel, online retail or a start-up company.

This will allow your business to

  • Achieve a better understanding of the viability of your services in real estate, travel, or online marketing
  • Improve your understanding of the targeted audience
  • Better understand how to optimize your site for your niche market
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Month 2 Link building & Social Media

month2 Our proprietary ultra-advanced SEO techniques are Google Panda & Penguin compliant. A multi-lateral campaign of proper website architecture, professionally written articles, blog posts and high PR backlinks are deployed to begin the ranking process in Google’s search engine. We integrate Google Webmaster Tools, Geo-Selection, Analytics, Meta Descriptions, Google+, XML Sitemap and geographic targeting.

How This Helps Your Business

  • Gain a greater web presence
  • Meta information to provide search engines with keywords for your site
  • Google Analytics will to monitor your web traffic
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Month 3 Call to Actions

month3 Achieve maximum organic search traffic and instant page 1 status using search engine optimization is the first part for success. Then the next part is to convert that website traffic into an action by the potential customer which may include them calling by telephone, sending and email, filling out an online form or subscribing to a product or service you are offering. This is not only science but an art that requires expertise and experience.

How This Helps Your Business

  • Improved Call to Actions will help you generate more leads for your business
  • Our online marketing strategists strive to motivate your clientele to act
  • We ensure your web layout is effective
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